Engeland houdt grote opruiming


Dit bereikte onze mail afkomstig van een goede kennis. Dit heeft dus in de Daily Mail gestaan in het Verenigd Koninkrijk.Laat Koos Spee hier maar eens een lesje van leren.

OK did any one read the Daily Mail on Tuesday May 21st, Front Page
stuff, the HMG has ignored Catmans remarks and listened to the rest
us, they are forcing all police forces to paint the things yellow by
the end of May, and are scrapping 1000,s of Gatso,s all Gatso,s that
are not at PROVEN accident spots are to be removed, all hidden gatso,s
must be removed, and all mobile plod vehicles used to catch us, are to
be clearly marked.
All signs depicting gatso cameras must be genuine, not hoax,s and all
gatso warnings are to be changed so that motorists have time to see
them and slow down.
Before I get any silly "wind up" remarks on how an accident black spot
is designated the Mail states that HMG transport has taken in advice
from all motoring organisations, and a survey from motorists, and an
accident black spot has a certain number of accidents or fatal
accidents in so many years.
Cameras are will not be posted willy nilly any longer and those that
are must be removed, all this is in the next 6 months.

Bron: Een goede kennis